Aromatherapy Themes

(included in body therapy and chiropractic adjustment)

Intensive Essential Oil Therapy: This is the most healing of the themes. Includes up to 50 essential oils.


Beach Therapy: Your ticket to Paradise. Your vacation destination is complete with your choice of reggae or Hawaiian music and scents such as coconut, sun tan lotion, plumeria, pineapple and more. Feel like you had a "get away".

Sweet Dreams: Lavender and vanilla and other soft essential oils and scents to help you drift into slumber.

Woodland Magic - Like taking a walk in the forest, these scents will whisk you away into nature. Complete with sound, smell and warm feel of a campfire. Choice of celtic or Indian flutes and drums. Very grounding.

Birthday Cake - A free Upgrade during your birthday month. Raw organic cocoa butter is gently melted into a golden liquid and used during the massage. The cocoa smells like chocolate cake and sweet cream vanilla butter frosting scent tops the cake! Your skin with feel younger and velvety smooth for days.

Seasonal scents and festive music for Valentine's Day, Fall and Winter.

Premium Upgrades

Raw Cocoa Butter - Gently melted raw organic cocoa butter is applied as a warm golden liquid and massaged into the skin and muscles. You skin will feel velvety, smooth and younger for days.

CBD Oil (Cannabis Oil) - Special formula containing cannabis oil helps penetrate past the skin layers. Made from the leaves and stem of the hemp plant, it does not contain psychoactive THC and is legal.

Chiropractic Adjustment includes a head to toe alignment of the entire spine and extremities (such as wrists, shoulders, elbows, ankles, ribs etc.) An application of essential oils/aromas are also briefly massaged into the spine.

Body Therapy is a combination of light to deep therapeutic massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. This therapy is different from regular massage therapy in the sense that special care is taken to identify and work with the related areas of the spine innervating each tight or weak muscle. It is the signals of the brain that determine correct muscle tone. We find that loosening the muscles around the spine creates better and longer lasting results. Essential oils/aromas are blended and applied during the treatment along with aromatherapy steam towels.



Chiropractic Adjustment

15 Minute Body Therapy & Adjustment
30 Minute Body Therapy & Adjustment
45 Minute Body Therapy & Adjustment
60 Minute Body Therapy & Adjustment

15 Minute Body Therapy
30 Minute Body Therapy
45 Minute Body Therapy
60 Minute Body Therapy


Personal Injury

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