Immune Building

Habits To Promote Good Immune Health

1. Come in for Regular Chiropractic Visits. The immune system is under the direct control of the nervous system and chiropractic adjustments keep the nervous system healthy so that your body properly receives the messages from the brain. There is an entirely new branch of science called psychoneuroimmunology. They have found it is almost impossible to determine where the nervous system ends and the immune system begins! Lymphatic vessels (an integral part of the immune system) travel in the bundles that contain the nerves. When you get an adjustment you open up nerve flow and also lymphatic flow!

2. Take your Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements - These are very important for entire body for rebuilding healthy tissue. An immune system will not be perfectly strong unless it has the nutrients (building blocks) it requires. It is also needs the hormonal system to be strong and balanced. Please see the anti-aging page. If your body is strong, then you will be less resistant to infections.
Vitamin Code: I am a big fan of the Vitamin Code vitamins and carry them at the Bodycentre. They have vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and 70+ trace minerals.
Genecol: Helps build a healthy immune system by building strong linings to nasal and lung tissues (the first line of defense against infection). It also helps build white bloods cells involved in fighting infection.

3. Drink Water. You want to try and drink one quart (which is close to a litre) per 50 pounds of your body weight. Water makes up a large percentage of our body. It makes sense that it is our #1 needed nutrient. You can live weeks without food. You can only live a few days without water.

Drinking water alone is not enough.

Minerals (electrolytes) act as keys that allow the water to cross the cell membrane into the cells (and toxins out). You can drink plenty of water, but without electrolytes the water never makes it into the cells and passes out of the body. Water must be inside the cell for you to be considered hydrated. The vitamin code vitamins and coconut water are excellent sources for minerals.

Karyo Ko2 Alkaline – pH Balancing Ionizing Drops

"These are my mojo drops! They give me an abundance of energy and clarity. I feel overall great when I use them
" - Dr. Diana

Ko2 Alkaline - pH Balancing Formula

Create instant healthy and energetic Alkaline water to help support a healthy pH balance in your body. This unique ionized solution helps with optimal hydration and delivers key electrolytes to your body.

How The Karyo Ko2 Drops Work

There are many elements that our systems need, our bodies, our food, water in all aspects of our life. Washing our bodies, clothes, yards, all of those are effected by the water that it is exposed to. It absorbs every bit of information that water holds inside of it, due to contamination of free radicals in our environment the information contained within has negative vibrations that are translated to our insides upon consumption.

If the elements of that water are full of negative vibrations due to any free radicals present, the damage is a slow breakdown process of the system showing signs of symptoms, fatigue and illness. When we add our mineral blends each having specific effects, end result is to restructure the molecule and release the free radicals from the water molecules.

Changing the vibration by imbedding positive information to the minerals and then choosing a specific direction of effect. Its very similar to embedding information to a CD, you choose the songs you want or information and you save it to the CD. Then when you put the CD into the player it responds to the information given to it.

Well our bodies respond to all information given to it and we have found that through an information transfer system we are able to positively alter our negative vibrations. First by recognizing that those negative energies are there, then choosing to communicate to those molecules and watching that system of molecules respond to the information given to it. Subtle vibrations are around us every where some really good and some very damaging. Radio active pollution is extremely dangerous and we are exposed to it in our atmosphere. Recent natural disasters have caused even more exposure, it's in our water and our air. The importance of building the system with these minerals drives the body to defend its ground against these harmful energies and radio active pollution.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet - Try to limit your intake of sugar, fried foods, caffeine, dairy and alcohol. These substances tend to weaken your body by creating inflammation. This holds same for artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings. Garlic and fresh herbs make flavorful and powerful antimicrobial and healthy additions. Coconut oil also revs up your metabolism, making your body warmer. Bacteria and viruses don't survive well in higher body temps. There are also natural chemicals in coconut that help fight viruses. For dosages and how to add it to your diet, refer back to coconut Blog. Start looking into superfood like Acai, Maca, Chia and Hemp. An incredible superfood is Colostrum. (Natural News) Dr. Daniel G. Clark, author of Colostrum, Life's First Food states: " ... bovine Colostrum rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi, accelerates healing of all body tissue, helps lose weight, burn fat, increase bone and lean muscle mass and slows down and even reverses aging." I believe the Healthy Habits Colostrum is the best available. It is what my family and I take.

5. Do Whole Body Cleansing at least once per year. Toxins in these organs can make your body run sluggish. It also drains your energy when body struggles to eliminate these toxins. They also contribute to an acidic, disease causing environment. I think of it similar to a tune-up for my car. Don't forget the Bodycentre provides colonics by well-trained professionals. Also see my Detox Page.

6. Get plenty of Rest to recharge your energy levels. Don't feel guilty, sleep is not indulgence, it is a necessity. It is when you sleep that you do your most healing like tissue regeneration and detoxification.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, try Perfect Sleep.

Also try making your bedroom as dark as possible at night. Remove as many electronics as possible, especially those on nightstands, close to your head. Don't spend time in bed watching TV or reading. It is advised to only sleep and have relations in your bed. Your body will associate bed with these activities and going to bed will better trigger the proper responses.

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7. Spend Time with your Loved Ones. Snuggle up to a significant other, your child or your pet. Contact with other people (and pets!) also boosts the immune system. Come in to the Bodycentre for a massage therapy. This is also a good idea for reducing the effect of stress.

8. Think Happy Thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions prove to make your body acidic. The bacteria and viruses from colds and flues flourish in acidic conditions. Remember to monitor your thoughts. Are you worried or upset about something? Do what you can to make things better and turn those thoughts to happier productive ideas. If you haven't rented What The Bleep Do We Know or The Secret, I suggest buying both. These videos have changed my life, along with the book: The Attractor Factor. There is amazing work by Dr. Masaru Emoto which shows that water is a liquid crystal, capable of holding information. Frequencies program water. Our thoughts are frequencies. With our bodies being 50 - 80% water, our thoughts can create amazing changes by programming this water. Karyo KO2 alkaline water drops contain frequencies to positively program the water in our bodies.
If you have anxiety, Seredyn can help. My patients claim it is like Xanax. One pill as needed and most people report feeling calmer in 30 - 60 minutes without feeling tired. They also say it helps to shut their brain off to sleep better. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, the Amoryn supplement may prove extremely helpful to get life back on track. Depression is a serious illness and should not be left untreated. CLICK HERE FOR SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSION AND ITS DANGERS

9. Exercise Regularly. Again, this keeps your body temperature up so that bacteria and viruses are less inclined to take hold. Exercise also helps boost to natural endorphins (feel good chemicals) levels to keep your body feeling good and your emotions uplifted.

10. Flu Vaccine? THINK TWICE on getting a flu vaccine. It is not in my scope of practice to tell you to get a vaccine or not to get a vaccine, however, I can tell you a few things and encourage you to do some investigative work before you blindly rush off to let someone poison, I mean vaccinate you. Vaccines are full of mercury. Yes, not good. Also, several flu shots in a row (year to year) increases your risk of Alzheimers. More and more experts are feeling vaccines are more harmful than the flu virus itself. It is also virtually impossible to predict the next flu to vaccinate against. They have never pegged it right. In fact, the doc I used to work for commented that after the vaccines came out, he went from seeing 2 waves of flues to 4 or 5 in a season. For more information, visit the
National Vaccine Information Center.

11. Wash your Hands and keep them away from your face. This is a major way that germs are transmitted. If you are at a party, DO NOT wash your hands and use the community towel in the bathroom.

12. Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation. We are electrical creatures. Our cells communicate using electrical frequencies. Learn how to strengthen electrical activity in the body.

13) Eat fresh herbs regularly

Click Here to READ MORE About the Healing Properties of Herbs

14) Have Virus Plus on hand for the first sign of a flu.
Virus Plus - formulated to address the symptoms related to infection from viral sources.READ MORE HERE

15) Use Smart Silver when you feel a cold or flu coming on

*Internal and External disinfectant
*Destroys Bacteria, viruses and mold
*Improves antibiotic action
*Safe to use, non-toxic
*No side effects or contraindications

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