HGH Vitality

A Breakthrough Homeopathic Formula Specially
Designed To Address The Symptoms Of Aging

This amazing product helps to strengthen everything in the body

It is a SYNERGISTIC COMPLEMENT to whatever supplements you are currently taking, including bio-identical hormones!

I have included this in my personal daily anti-aging protocol

As we age, our bodies produce less and less humangrowth hormone (HGH). As HGH levels decline, our
bodies can’t keep up with new and replacement cellproduction and organs and systems start to breakdown at the cellular level.

Strengthen Skin and Hair

HGH Vitality helps replace skin cells more quickly, neutralizing the e ectsof aging on the skin. When skin sags as it shrinks away from the boneand becomes wrinkled, spotty and dry, HGH Vitality enhances the skin’sability to heal.

Support Joints, Muscles and Bones

HGH Vitality eases in amed, sti and deformed joints that cause pain andchanges in walking gait, stability and balance which may lead to falls. It diminishes the effects of weak and atrophied bones and muscles.

Reduce Fatigue and Sleeplessness

HGH Vitality helps regulate sleep cycles by supporting the brain andnervous system functions that deteriorate with aging. It aids in
overcoming the fatigue caused by sleeplessness that occurs whenhormone cycles become upset as the body ages.

Minimize Memory Loss

HGH Vitality supports the replacement of brain cell tissue. Agingneurotransmitters cause slow physical and mental responses
and lost neuron cells interfere with the brain’s ability to form and retain memories. HGH Vitality stimulates brain and
nervous system function.

Enhance Sexual Function

HGH Vitality assists when hormone function becomes disrupted duringthe aging process, causing sexual organs to become less responsive andgenital tissue to shrink and thin. HGH Vitality stimulates the body’s ownhormone production to
overcome these deficiencies.

Support Organ Function

HGH Vitality promotes tissue replacement in major organs. Organs suchas the heart, liver and kidneys deteriorate as aging changes connective tissue, making organs sti and rigid. HGH Vitality encourages these organs to continue to perform essential functions.

HGH Vitality is specially designed to relieve the symptoms of aging.
It contains homeopathic HGH—a safe and side-effect-free alternative to traditional hormone replacement—to enhance and support the pituitary gland, optimizing the body’s production of HGH and supporting the body’s ability to stimulate cells to grow and divide.

This product is a professional strength product and is only available with a doctor's consultation. It is not available off the shelf at the bodycentre.


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