Detoxification and Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing has numerous benefits:

  • Cleansing the intestines first is important before de-toxing in other ways. Other de-toxes will empty toxins into the intestines and if the intestines are clogged, the toxins can back up into the blood and make the individual sick. Emptying the intestines lowers of the load of poisons backing up into the blood. Toxins are linked with low oxygen, acidic internal environments. Cancer, bacteria, viruses and funghi (yeast/candida) THRIVE in these environments. You want to create an internal environment that is lower in toxins, acidity and higher in oxygen!

  • Nutrients are absorbed through the upper intestinal lining and cleansing this lining allows for better nutrient absorption.

  • Intestinal cleansing better exposes parasites, rendering them more vulnerable to parasite cleansing.

  • Removing intestinal toxins lifts a heavy energy burden off the body and makes this energy available for other bodily processes, especially HEALING. UP TO 50% OF YOUR ENERGY GOES TOWARD DIGESTION!!! You will have more energy available overall, but especially for your immune system. It will kick into high gear to seek and destroy your uninvited guests (viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites). Yeast loves the gut and colon and colon cleansing assists to remove yeast (Candida). Replenishing with good bacteria (PROBIOTICS) creates a strong defense that prevent the return of its overgrowth. PROBIOTICS ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT AFTER COMPLETING A ROUND OF ANTIBIOTICS. Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria as well as the bad. This gives Candida an opportunity to take over in the body. Good bacteria keeps Candida population in check.

I suggest the combination of the Candida Series, Prodophilus and Professional's Care Aloe along with a Candida diet. These are available at the Bodycentre with any visit. (With a visit I can provide you with more diet details and evaluate you properly)

  • Yeast and parasites are a large part of why people struggle with weight gain. WHEN HUNGRY, CANDIDA AND PARASITES RELEASE CHEMICALS THAT GO TO THE BRAIN AND INTESTINES, TRIGGERING INTENSE AND OVERWHELMING HUNGER. This is the reason why many dieters fail and binge when they know in their mind they do not want to consume the food they binge on. These unwelcome guests basically hijack a person. It is an invasion of the body snatchers. Afterward a person is left feeling bad about themselves and their will power. Understandably, removing Candida and parasites will greatly assist in weight loss and decrease abdominal bloating. DETOX IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF MY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM AND FOR IMPROVING OVERALL GENERAL HEALTH.

  • With less toxins in the body and with the major organ of removal working properly, toxins are less likely to find their ways out of the body by other routes. That means LESS ACNE and BODY ODOR and BETTER BREATH!

Chiropractic Adjustments are also needed for proper detoxification. If there is a blockage between the brain and the nerves to the colon it can make the colon sluggish or spastic. Proper muscle tone of the colon muscle is dependent upon the proper transmission of information through the nervous system.

Because everyone is different, an appointment must be made to evaluate your general health and lifestyle. A program should be tailored to your specific needs. After analysis I am a firm believer in educating my patients so they understand how their body works. Armed with knowledge, my patients are better able to make good choices and implement habits to maintain their health. Knowledge is Power! Our bodies do not come with a users manual. Most doctors do not take time to educate their patients. It is better to uncover and address the root cause of dis-ease in the body than to cover it up! Would you put black tape over your oil light on your dashboard and keep going or would you take your vehicle in to be fixed?

Colonics are also an important tool for Detoxification.

You will get quicker and better results by adding in a few colonics with my program. After consulting with me, I highly recommend a few colonics (start with a package of 3). Colon hydrotherapy helps to remove blockages. Colonics are performed by certified colon hydrotherapists. In the Orange Bodycentre we have a great therapist named Tammy Ritter. She not only is a colon hydrotherapist, but is also a certified Holistic Health Practitioner well versed in alternative healing with many years working in the field. I have worked closely with her for over 10 years. I have tremendous trust in her abilities and she has a love for healing people. She extends her talents also toward hospice patients.

For more information visit this link: TAMMY RITTER
To Book with Tammy: Call (714) 921-9777 or you can book online: BOOK ONLINE HERE

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